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Coconut Hut

Coconut Hut

  • SKU: VN-0521-COCO-HUT
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  • PERFECT HIDEOUT - Shelter and climbing hill for crabs, lizards, hamsters, and other small animals. A spacious getaway for your pets.
  • CREATES ZEN-LIKE CHARM - Raw beauty of coco hut adds calmness to the environment. A natural look, the pets feel like they're in the wild.
  • IDEAL UNDERWATER GROTTO - If fish can withdraw to a hideaway whenever they want, they tend to be rested, better adjusted, likely to breed.
  • CREATES AN IDEAL HABITAT FOR SNAKES - Snakes are explorers and curious animals. Their environment should encourage these behaviours.
  • COMFORTABLE HIDEOUT FOR SPIDERS - Provide a cozy spot for pet spiders. Arachnids need privacy and a place to get away from external noise.

This multipurpose utilitarian ornament functions as shelter, security, privacy, entertainment and nursery for small animals. Carved by hand with smooth, carefully rounded edges. Its gently textured surface and naturally occurring irregularities provide pets with a fun and stimulating environment. The Coco Hut also affords them a much-needed retreat from stress while adding a touch of rustic beauty. This coconut shell provides a perfect hideout for the pet's lack of sense of security, which not only can make pets comfortable to live but also help them in appetite stimulation and growth-promoting. Create a more interesting living environment for your pets and for viewers to enjoy Dimension: 13X10 CM Open Dimension: 10X6CM


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