About Our Store

The Vie -Story At Global1st, we believe in a cleaner and greener journey to a more purposeful lifestyle. Our Vie Range lies in our three brands that have culminated through research of bringing a practical and stylish selection of products that can be used in our every day life with the added tag of being “earth conscious”.

We have created a suite of 3 trusted brands that have slowly made their presence.

Vie-Healthcare: Was our first venture which started with just Anti Mosquito products. These products proved to be successful, and hence we progressed into the growing market of clients that were continually diagnosed with Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D deficiencies. We were inspired to come up with something innovative – and the idea of Transdermal patches conceptualised. Transdermal means vitamins can be absorbed with the application of a patch on their skin which transports and penetrates the vital ingredients through the skin.

Vie-Gourmet: Sustainable, Recyclable and Eco-Friendly became the trend and the buzzwords. The awareness around the environment made us venture out and find, carefully sourced products, which are ethical, affordable and look incredibly stylish. We fell in love with this concept of giving back to nature what we have got from it. The marriage of Sustainability and Style in our products makes us proud of our Vie-Gourmet Brand.

Vie-Naturals: The Vie-Journey carries on as we see wonderful products with a wow factor for the home and our lifestyle. Products that create positivity. It is very easy to make the change eliminating plastic and waste as much as we can and choosing sustainable.  Vie -Naturals bring a range of accessories that are incredibly feasible and does not have to cost the earth.

The Vie Range strives to bring you unique products that make your day.