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  • Bamboo Teardrop Bee House, 15x15x10cm

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Bamboo Teardrop Bee House, 15x15x10cm

Bamboo Teardrop Bee House, 15x15x10cm

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  • PRESERVATION OF BEE POPULATION - A perfect habitat for species of bees, such as the peaceful mason bees, which are incredible pollinators.
  • IMPROVES YOUR GARDEN ENVIRONMENT - The high-quality bamboo hive looks charming. The diligent little bees boost the blooming of your flowers.
  • BEES CAN ENJOY A PLEASANT AND WARM ENVIRONMENT - For colder months it presents a cosy shelter for the insects.
  • BETTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT - A renewable resource that grows quickly and doesn�t require pesticides, artificial irrigation or replanting.
  • CREATE A LOVELY YARD DECORATION - The bee home deters bees from nesting on your patio. It may take some time until bees find their way.

Bamboo Teardrop Bee House. Thanks to its design with about 95 bamboo tubes, the beehive is an excellent nesting spot for bees, as they love to make themselves at home in pre-existing holes and gaps. Mount the beehive (15x15x10 cm) to any branch without causing harm to the trees. It also can be placed on your balcony, at your roof gutters or overhang. We recommend finding a sheltered spot, with a possible shield from rain and wind.


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