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Disposable Bamboo Straws, 197x6mm, 100 pcs

Disposable Bamboo Straws, 197x6mm, 100 pcs

  • SKU: VG-0321-BMBU-STR-6MMX100
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  • BEAUTIFUL DESIGN - Bamboo drinking straws, unique appeal. A natural beauty you won�t get from plastics and cold-looking metals.
  • VERSATILE & RESISTANT - Bamboo paper straw is natural considering its raw material and has great performance after long hours in the drinks.
  • SUSTAINABLE - The most sustainable disposable straw in the world. The plastic-free alternative made from 100% natural plant fibres.
  • EXTRA SIMPLE CARRYING - With each set of straws, we provide one batik pouch. Use your straws at home and in bars and restaurants.
  • 100% BIODEGRADABLE - The straws are flammable and biodegradable, meaning they can be disposed of in residual or bio-waste.

       Disposable Bamboo Straws (100pcs) and a beautiful Batik pouch to conveniently carry them with you. Fully biodegradable and environmentally friendly, made of 100% bamboo pulp and biodegradable glue. Extra strength and excellent water resistance. They do not affect the taste of the drink. The straws are 197x6mm and are suitable for normal drinks. 100% food grade 3-ply, better than paper or kraft paper straws as they will not go soggy as quickly. The packaging is plastic-free.


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