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  • Uncracked Geodes, Small, 8-10cm, 1 kg

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Uncracked Geodes, Small, 8-10cm, 1 kg

Uncracked Geodes, Small, 8-10cm, 1 kg

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  • GEODES ARE HOLLOW ROCKS LINED WITH CRYSTALS - They form in bubbles of gas trapped in volcanic rocks or underground over thousands of years.
  • EXCLUSIVE PIECE - Have something that was created by earth. Each one is irreplaceable and contains the history of our world.
  • BORN OUT OF LAVA - It takes thousands or even millions of years for crystals to form. The larger the crystals are, the older the geode is.
  • USAGE - Geode decor can bring new energy and style to your home. Use it for Reiki, Chakra balancing, healing, or as a collectable item.
  • BRILLIANT GIFTS - For anyone remotely interested in crystals and their "Feel-Good" properties. The geodes make amazing display gifts.

Uncracked Geodes, Small, 8-10cm, Sold by kg. Geodes form naturally over time as a result of specific geological processes. Though geodes may look like ordinary rocks, they conceal a hollowed interior that is chock full of different coloured minerals and rocks. Experience the thrill of opening your own geode and being the first person to glimpse the crystal treasures inside.


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