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Sage Smudge Kit

Sage Smudge Kit

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Transform your space into a sacred sanctuary with our Sacred Space Smudge Kit, featuring a White Sage Smudge Stick, a Chakra Petal Sage Smudge Stick, a Palo Santo Stick, a Selenite Wand, an Abalone Shell with Tripod, and a Turkey Feather. White Sage is renowned for its spiritual cleansing properties, while the Chakra Petal smudge stick balances and aligns chakras. Palo Santo promotes positivity and offers a sweet, calming scent. Selenite enhances the healing potential of the cleansing ritual and brings peace and tranquillity. The Abalone Shell and Turkey Feather catch ashes and waft the smoke, making it perfect for rituals, meditation or everyday use. Our Smudge Kit provides a holistic way to positively energise your home or office. Order yours today to enjoy the benefits of a clean and balanced space.

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