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  • Opalite Mini Elephant, 1.5x1cm

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Opalite Mini Elephant, 1.5x1cm

Opalite Mini Elephant, 1.5x1cm

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ETHEREAL GLOW - Crafted from genuine Opalite, each figurine captures the mesmerizing Opalite glow.

SERENE APPEAL - Opalite promotes tranquillity and inner peace, making these figurines perfect for calming spaces.

PETITE TREASURES - Delicately sized, these figurines are ideal for collectors and decor enthusiasts.

GIFT OF SERENITY - Share the calming energy and beauty of Opalite with loved ones.

SPIRITUAL COMPANIONS - Opalite's serene energy makes these figurines perfect companions on your spiritual journey.

Unveil the enchanting beauty of Opalite Miniature Figurines, each a mesmerizing work of art. Meticulously crafted from Opalite, these figurines radiate a captivating ethereal glow. With intricate detailing and a petite size, they make delightful collectables or thoughtful gifts. Opalite is celebrated for its serene energy, promoting tranquillity and enhancing inner peace. Whether adorning your space or accompanying you on your spiritual journey, these figurines embody the timeless elegance and calming energy of Opalite.


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