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Goniatite Buttons, Standard, 5-9cm

Goniatite Buttons, Standard, 5-9cm

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ANCIENT TREASURE - Our Goniatite Button Fossil is a relic of prehistoric marine life, capturing the beauty of ancient oceans.

INTRICATE PATTERNS - Each fossil displays intricate spiral patterns and distinctive markings, preserved over millions of years.

NATURAL HISTORY - Perfect for enthusiasts and collectors interested in paleontology, adding a piece of natural history to your collection.

VERSATILE DECOR - Display these fossils as unique and visually striking decorative pieces in your home or office.

SIZE RANGE - Available in a standard size range of 5 to 9cm, with variations in size and shape inherent to their natural origin.

Discover the ancient beauty of our Goniatite Button Fossil, available in a standard size range of 5 to 9cm. These fascinating fossils, resembling buttons, offer a glimpse into the prehistoric oceans of the Devonian period. Each piece showcases intricate spiral patterns and unique markings, preserved over millions of years. Please note that while the photos provide a representation of the fossils you'll receive, there may be variations in size and shape due to their natural origin.


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