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Evil Eye Pendant Bookmark/Hairpin, Assorted Colour

Evil Eye Pendant Bookmark/Hairpin, Assorted Colour

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MULTIFUNCTIONAL ACCESSORY - These unique pieces function seamlessly as bookmarks and hairpins, infusing utility with style.

SYMBOL OF PROTECTION - The evil eye is often viewed as a talisman against harm and negativity, adding a protective element to these pieces.

ARTISANAL LAMPWORK BEADS - The vibrant handmade evil eye lampwork round beads showcase exquisite craftsmanship and lend a colourful flair.

VERSATILE SIZING - Their sizing ensures they are significant enough to make a statement, but not overly large that they become impractical.

GIFT CHOICE - Perfect for readers, style enthusiasts, or fans of unique accessories, these unique resonant pieces make thoughtful gifts.

A remarkable combination of functionality and aesthetics, these Evil Eye Pendant Bookmarks/Hairpins, Assorted Colours are sure to capture attention. They are dual-purpose, serving as bookmarks or hairpins as you need. With a size of 83x14x1.5mm, they're thoughtfully crafted in a Tibetan style, utilising alloy to give them a unique, rustic look. Dangling on them are handmade evil eye lampwork round beads, presenting a vibrant mix of colours that make each piece a work of art. Each bookmark/hairpin has a pendant of 56x6mm that adds an extra touch of elegance.


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