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Evil Eye Hanging with Elephants

Evil Eye Hanging with Elephants

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DECORATIVE AND PROTECTIVE - While adding aesthetic value, it also acts as a protective charm for your space.

SPIRITUAL GUARD - The evil eyes are known for their protective properties, serving as spiritual guards against negative energy.

ELEPHANT SYMBOLISM - The elephants stand as symbols of wisdom, strength, and patience, adding depth and meaning to this ornament.

EASY TO HANG - The 11mm hole simplifies the hanging process, making it easy to incorporate this piece into your space.

THOUGHTFUL GIFT - Its rich symbolism and handcrafted design make it a thoughtful gift for loved ones.

The Evil Eye Hanging with Elephants bring a powerful blend of symbolism and aesthetic appeal to any space. Crafted meticulously by hand, each of the three lampwork elephants is adorned with an evil eye, known for its protective properties. These symbols of strength and wisdom are created from CCB plastic, ensuring durability while maintaining a lightweight design. With a length of 226mm and a calming blue colour scheme, this ornament is a perfect balance of size and serenity. Add a sense of peace, protection, and cultural richness to your environment with this unique decoration.


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