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Crystal Mushroom, 6cm, Selenite
Crystal Mushroom, 6cm, Selenite
Crystal Mushroom, 6cm, Selenite

Crystal Mushroom, 6cm, Selenite

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LOVELY MUSHROOM SHAPE - Tiny crystals meticulously designed in the shape of mushrooms, radiating charm and evoking a natural ambience.

DECOR - Excellent additions to potted plants or decorative accents for any space. Their flat bottoms allow them to stand independently

PORTABLE DESIGN - These mushroom stones are small and eye-catching, allowing you to carry them in your hands or keep them in your pocket.6

HAND-SELECTED HIGHEST QUALITY - These stones exhibit imperfections and natural variations in colour, including growth marks and scratches.

A PERFECT GIFT - Bless yourself and your loved ones on special occasions, bringing good luck and prosperity with these charming crystals.

Unleash your inner forest fairy with these charming Crystal Mushrooms, each measuring 2cm. These delightful miniature crystals will infuse any space with a hint of enchantment. Mushrooms hold ancient significance as symbols of hidden powers in the world, often unseen yet abundant. Their connection to both modern and ancient art makes them a great source of inspiration. These mushrooms also serve as warm gifts, conveying care and love to family and friends.


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