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White Sage Cluster with Palo Santo Stick and Lavender 4

White Sage Cluster with Palo Santo Stick and Lavender 4"

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PURIFYING TRIO - Combines white sage, Palo Santo, and lavender for powerful cleansing and relaxation.

NATURAL MATERIALS - Sustainably harvested white sage, Palo Santo stick, and dried lavender flowers.

VERSATILE USE - Perfect for smudging, meditation, yoga, and space-clearing rituals.

SOOTHING AROMA - Enjoy the calming and uplifting scents during your spiritual practices.

THOUGHTFUL GIFT - A meaningful and unique gift for those seeking to cleanse and balance their space.

Elevate your cleansing and relaxation rituals with our White Sage Cluster combined with Palo Santo Stick and Lavender. This thoughtfully curated bundle brings together the purifying power of white sage, the positive energy of Palo Santo, and the calming essence of lavender. The white sage cluster, sustainably harvested, provides a robust and even burn, perfect for smudging and space clearing. Paired with a stick of Palo Santo, known for its sweet, uplifting scent, and dried lavender flowers, this trio creates a harmonious blend for meditation, relaxation, and spiritual practices. Ideal for enhancing your environment, this set offers a natural way to cleanse, balance, and invite positivity into your space.


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