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Raw Rough Cut Crystals, 10-50g, Pack of 12, Pyrite

Raw Rough Cut Crystals, 10-50g, Pack of 12, Pyrite

  • SKU: VN-4408-RCC-10G-P12-PYT
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NATURAL & UNPOLISHED - These crystals are left in their raw, unpolished state, capturing their natural beauty.

ALTAR DECOR ENHANCEMENT - Perfectly sized for altar decoration and other spiritual practices.

OFFICE & HOME HARMONY - Place these stones in offices, living rooms, near electronic devices to absorb radiation and harmonize surroundings.

ENERGIZE PLANTS - Enhance plant energy by scattering these stones around the base of plant pots.

FOUNTAIN TRANQUILITY - When water falls on the stones, stimulates positive energy, adding a touch of natural beauty to the space.

Elevate any space with our Raw Rough Cut Crystals, a collection of twelve natural, unpolished, and irregular stones. These raw crystals are versatile, serving as tools for chakra balancing, meditation, or DIY crafts. Their unique presence promotes balance, creativity, and the manifestation of dreams. Scatter them around plant pots, adorn altars, or place them in offices and homes for harmonizing and radiation-absorbing effects. Ideal for beginners and crystal enthusiasts, these rough stones make for a perfect gift choice.


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