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Aluminium Tin Candle, Sea Spray with Sodalite Crystals

Aluminium Tin Candle, Sea Spray with Sodalite Crystals

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SCENT VARIETY - Experience diverse scents paired with gemstone crystals, creating a unique ambience for every mood.

NATURAL - Handcrafted from artisanal soy wax in aluminium tins, each candle features gemstone crystals enhancing the meditation experience.

REUSABLE TINS - After candle use, repurpose the aluminium tins for various purposes, adding a touch of sustainability to your space.

HANDCRAFTED ARTISTRY - Hand-mixed and hand-poured, each candle is a unique creation with perfect imperfections, crafted with care and love.

THOUGHTFUL GIFT - Gift our unique Aluminium Tin Candle, blending aesthetics, soothing scents and crystal benefits for a mindful experience.

Discover serenity with our Aluminium Tin Candle collection. Each candle is meticulously crafted from artisanal soy wax and encased in a small aluminium tin. Infused with unique essences and complemented by varying gemstone crystals, these candles provide a perfect solution for meditation or post-work relaxation. Harness the power of crystal candles to shift negative thoughts into positivity, cleanse your space of negative energy, and unblock chakras. Beyond its captivating decorative charm, the fresh scent enhances peace, creating a serene atmosphere in your surroundings.


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