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Worry Thumb Stone, Hematite
Worry Thumb Stone, Hematite
Worry Thumb Stone, Hematite
Worry Thumb Stone, Hematite

Worry Thumb Stone, Hematite

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STRESS RELIEF - Hold between index finger and thumb, gently move your thumb for effective stress relief.

EASY TO CARRY - Slip it into a pocket, purse, or pouch. Touch it gently when feeling stressed to clear the atmosphere of negative energies.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL - Suitable for positive energy, chakra balancing, crystal healing, meditation, crystal therapy, protection, and more.

UNIQUE & HAND CARVED - Each crystal is one-of-a-kind, with slight variations in size, colour, texture, and shape.

GOOD GIFT - Comes with a pouch, making this thumb stone a must-have for any stone lover's collection and an excellent gift option.

Thumb Stones � also called Worry Stones, are compact rocks that are easy to keep on hand, ready to grab whenever worry should strike. Our thumb stones are ideal for crystal healing, meditation or display. We have a wide choice of polished crystals to choose from. Fit pockets or purses, under pillows or on bedside tables and are also perfect for Healing/Chakra work as they sit nice and flat against the body or inside clothes. You can also assign your worry stone a specific intention.


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