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Orthoceras Bowl, 20cm
Orthoceras Bowl, 20cm
Orthoceras Bowl, 20cm
Orthoceras Bowl, 20cm

Orthoceras Bowl, 20cm

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FOSSILIZED ELEGANCE - Our Orthoceras Plain Bowl is crafted from exquisite Orthoceras fossil stone, boasting unique patterns and textures.

MARINE LIFE - Each bowl preserves the fossilized remains of ancient marine creatures, adding a touch of prehistoric charm to your decor.

VERSATILE DECOR - Perfect for display as a decorative accent or for practical use as a dish, adding a unique, timeless touch to any space.

NATURAL BEAUTY - Embrace Earth's history with this fossilized treasure, showcasing nature's wonders.

PERFECT GIFT - Ideal for gifting to fossil enthusiasts or those who appreciate unique and elegant decor pieces.

Embrace the elegance of our Orthoceras Bowl. Crafted from stunning orthoceras fossil stone, each bowl showcases the unique patterns and textures of ancient marine life. This fossilized treasure adds a touch of natural history to any space, serving as a captivating decorative piece or functional dish. Use it to hold small items like jewellery, keys, or potpourri, or display it on its own as a striking accent piece. Whether adorning your coffee table, desk, or shelf, this versatile bowl is sure to spark conversation and admiration. A perfect blend of beauty and history, it also makes a thoughtful and unique gift for fossil enthusiasts or anyone with an appreciation for Earth's ancient wonders.


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