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Orgonite Obelisk Tower, 14cm, 7 Chakra
Orgonite Obelisk Tower, 14cm, 7 Chakra
Orgonite Obelisk Tower, 14cm, 7 Chakra

Orgonite Obelisk Tower, 14cm, 7 Chakra

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POSITIVE ENERGY FLOW - Experience the uplifting effects of orgonite as it enhances the flow of positive energy in your environment.

COMPACT YET POWERFUL - With its 14cm height, this obelisk tower is ideal for smaller spaces without compromising its energetic potential.

ENERGETIC FOCUS - Use this orgonite obelisk as a focal point during meditation or spiritual practices to amplify intentions and connection.

HARMONIZING DESIGN - Beautifully crafted orgonite obelisk adds an aesthetic appeal to your decor while radiating its energizing properties.

BEAUTIFULLY UNIQUE - Please note, some crystals may have been lightly dyed to enhance their colour - this does not affect the product.

Immerse yourself in the powerful energy of our Orgonite Obelisk Tower. Standing at 14cm tall, this carefully crafted tower combines the benefits of orgonite with its mesmerizing design. Orgonite is known for its ability to harmonize and balance energy, promoting a sense of well-being and positivity. Place this compact obelisk in your home or workspace to create a revitalizing atmosphere and enhance the flow of positive energy. Its compact size makes it perfect for smaller spaces, while its captivating presence adds an eye-catching touch to any decor. Awaken your surroundings with the energetic embrace of our Orgonite Obelisk Tower.


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