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Amulet Moon Pendant, 3cm
Amulet Moon Pendant, 3cm
Amulet Moon Pendant, 3cm

Amulet Moon Pendant, 3cm


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LUNAR INSPIRATION - Embrace the moon's magic with this exquisite pendant, invoking celestial charm.

VERSATILE DESIGN - Its compact size complements any outfit, adding a touch of mysticism.

NIGHT SKY AMULET - A petite treasure for protection and serenity, with a moon's secret.

STYLISH ADORNMENT - Add celestial allure to your look with this captivating moon pendant.

PERFECT GIFT - Share the enchantment with loved ones, offering celestial beauty and charm.

Shine with the Amulet Moon Pendant, a 3cm celestial adornment that captures the mystique of the night sky. This pendant, inspired by lunar elegance, brings a touch of enchantment to your style. The moon's gentle radiance is encased in a small, captivating form, making it an ideal accessory for both casual and special occasions.


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