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Orthoceras Sphere, 5-6cm
Orthoceras Sphere, 5-6cm
Orthoceras Sphere, 5-6cm
Orthoceras Sphere, 5-6cm

Orthoceras Sphere, 5-6cm

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FOSSIL SPHERE BALL - Harness the ancient energies of our Fossil Sphere, radiating vitality in every direction.

STUNNING DISPLAY PIECE - With its captivating design, the Orthoceras Sphere makes a stunning addition to any collection or decor.

POLISHED PERFECTION - The Orthoceras Sphere is polished to perfection, highlighting the natural beauty of the fossilized remains.

HANDCRAFTED UNIQUELY - Each sphere is handcrafted with care, ensuring its uniqueness and charm as a one-of-a-kind fossil specimen.

THOUGHTFUL GIFT - Surprise a fossil enthusiast or collector with the Orthoceras Sphere, a unique and captivating gift.

Explore the beauty of Earth's ancient past with our Orthoceras Sphere fossil. This unique specimen features the preserved remains of Orthoceras, an extinct marine cephalopod that lived during the Devonian period, approximately 400 million years ago. The polished surface accentuates the details of the shells of these fascinating creatures, creating a stunning display piece for any collection or decor. Handcrafted with care, each Orthoceras Sphere is a one-of-a-kind treasure, perfect for fossil enthusiasts and collectors alike.


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