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Moroccan Hammam Exfoliating Kessa Glove

Moroccan Hammam Exfoliating Kessa Glove

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  • EFFECTIVE - Our kessa glove is specially designed to give you a spa-like experience. Can be used with black soap, clay or any shower gel.
  • IMPROVES APPEARANCE OF SKIN - Exfoliate and remove dead skin cells layers. Clean residual toxins and impurities from the skin surface.
  • HEALTHY SOFT SKIN - This glove promotes cleaner healthy skin and activates blood circulation. Helps you reduce bumps, ingrown hair, etc.
  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST - Comfortable, perfectly designed to fit all hand sizes. Works for all skin types textures, by men and women.
  • PEERLESS QUALITY - Made with the finest materials to ensure long-lasting reusability. Keeps brand new even after hundreds of deep scrubs.

The exfoliating Kessa Glove is a granular textured glove that effectively removes dead skin cells, toxins and impurities. To be used with Vie Naturals Black Soap. Take your senses on a voyage to the magic of Morocco and treat yourself to the real Hammam experience with the essentials directly from Morocco. The Hammam ritual leaves you feeling fresh and beautiful from head to toe.


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