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  • Rhino Beetle, 13x15.5cm

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Rhino Beetle, 13x15.5cm
Rhino Beetle, 13x15.5cm
Rhino Beetle, 13x15.5cm
Rhino Beetle, 13x15.5cm

Rhino Beetle, 13x15.5cm

  • SKU: VN-1974-RHN-BTL
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  • FRAMED BEETLE TAXIDERMY - Beetle under glass with a handmade wooden frame for collectibles or education.
  • COLLECTABLE SPECIMENS - Beautiful showpieces, thoroughly impressive natural wonders that will elevate the quality of your collection.
  • AMAZING QUALITY - Professionally preserved in their natural form, these taxidermy beetles are guaranteed to evoke excitement and wonder.
  • PERFECT FOR ANY INTERIOR SPACE - Whether library, reception area, conference room, private office, or great room.
  • A GREAT GIFT - You will probably find yourself occasionally ordering another framed taxidermy in a glass as gifts for taxidermy lovers.

Taxidermy Rhino Beetle, 13x15.5cm is a real authentic preserved specimen mounted on a wooden frame, enclosed with glass. It will look fabulous on the wall or a book shelf. Our collections make unique, educational and interesting gifts. All of our specimens are from sustainable sources and had been legally imported. Please bear in mind that a preservative is used to keep the insects from spoiling and this gives off a strong smell. This is perfectly normal and the smell will fade in a few days.


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