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  • Orthoceras Large Bowl, 25x5cm

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Orthoceras Large Bowl, 25x5cm
Orthoceras Large Bowl, 25x5cm
Orthoceras Large Bowl, 25x5cm
Orthoceras Large Bowl, 25x5cm

Orthoceras Large Bowl, 25x5cm

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  • VERSATILE - This is a great bowl to put on top of a dresser for coins, jewellery, or used to put fruit, nuts or other food.
  • MEDITATION TOOL/OFFERING BOWL - Spiritual work like meditation is perfectly done with this bowl.
  • ANCIENT FOSSIL - It holds the energy of the Earth, helps balance emotions, and increases confidence.
  • HANDMADE ORNAMENT - Every item handmade in ethical condition and harmony with nature, weaved with the traditional manual techniques.
  • AN IDEAL GIFT FOR YOURSELF OR ANOTHER - This is a fabulous product for any fossil lover or a great display item for crystal collectors.

These Orthoceras bowls are made up of fossils that lived in the sea over 400 million years ago. They are perfect for holding your small crystals, jewellery, and smudging tools. Use on your personal altar as an offering bowl or to hold dried smudging herbs, crystals or incense. Use as a catch-all dish for all your trinkets: Jewellery, coins, desk supplies, plant medicine, etc. Also great for natural soaps that can get messy - upgrade your bathroom or kitchen soap dish. These fossils possess physical healing and grounding powers. Each tray has a unique appearance and can be used as decor. All items are cleansed, charged and Reiki infused. Note: Natural products vary in size, colour, and shape.


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