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Orthoceras Fossil Heart, 5cm
Orthoceras Fossil Heart, 5cm
Orthoceras Fossil Heart, 5cm
Orthoceras Fossil Heart, 5cm

Orthoceras Fossil Heart, 5cm

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ANCIENT SYMBOL OF LOVE - The heart shape combined with the ancient fossil creates a beautiful symbol of love and deep connection.

PALM-SIZED WONDER - These 5cm Orthoceras hearts fit perfectly in the palm of your hand, allowing you to admire the fine details up close.

UNIQUE FOSSILIZED PATTERNS - Each heart displays its own distinct fossil patterns, showcasing the individuality of ancient marine creatures.

INSPIRE CURIOSITY - Encourage discussions about Earth's history with these captivating fossilized hearts as conversation starters.

POCKET-SIZED TREASURE - Carry the wonders of ancient marine life with you wherever you go, as these hearts make ideal pocket companions.

Experience the charm of ancient marine life with our exquisite Orthoceras Fossil Hearts. Carved from authentic Orthoceras fossils, these miniature treasures showcase the distinct shape of a heart, adding a touch of natural wonder to any setting. Each heart measures 5cm and displays intricate fossilized patterns, preserved over millions of years. Handcrafted with precision, these unique pieces make perfect gifts for fossil enthusiasts, collectors, or anyone who appreciates the beauty of Earth's history. Let these Orthoceras Fossil Hearts captivate your imagination and serve as a reminder of the extraordinary journey our planet has undergone.


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