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Orthoceras Fossil Bowl, 20cm
Orthoceras Fossil Bowl, 20cm
Orthoceras Fossil Bowl, 20cm
Orthoceras Fossil Bowl, 20cm

Orthoceras Fossil Bowl, 20cm

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FOSSILIZED MARVEL - Crafted from an authentic Orthoceras fossil, this bowl showcases the wonders of ancient ocean life.

PREHISTORIC ELEGANCE - Showcases the beauty of a genuine Orthoceras fossil, preserved over millions of years.

HANDCRAFTED PERFECTION - Each bowl is carefully hand-polished to bring out the intricate details of the fossil.

NATURAL HISTORY DISPLAY - A mesmerizing centerpiece that combines geological beauty with artistic craftsmanship.

THOUGHTFUL GIFT - Surprise fossil enthusiasts, collectors, or nature lovers with a remarkable gift that showcases the wonders of the past.

Add a touch of natural history to your home decor with our stunning Orthoceras Fossil Bowl. Crafted from a genuine Orthoceras fossil, this unique and captivating bowl showcases the intricate and preserved remains of an ancient marine creature. Measuring 20cm in diameter, it serves as a striking centrepiece or a conversation starter. Each bowl is meticulously hand-polished to enhance the fossil's intricate patterns and textures, making it a truly one-of-a-kind piece. With its blend of ancient charm and contemporary design, this Orthoceras Fossil Bowl is an exquisite addition to any fossil or nature enthusiast's collection.


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