The Vie-Story

Our Vie Range lies in our three brands that have evolved through research of bringing a splendid selection of practical products that can be used every day.

Vie-Healthcare: This was our first venture which we started with just anti mosquito products. When this was successful, we wanted to progress into the growing market of people that were marginally deficient of Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D. This led to the launch of our innovative patches that lets the body absorb the Vitamins transdermally. We have since continued to add to our range of therapeutic products.

Vie-Gourmet: Research led us to the global buzzing topics of Sustainable, Recyclable and Eco-Friendly. Vie-Gourmet brought to the market, carefully sourced products that are ethically sourced, affordable and  incredibly stylish. The Vie Gourmet range consist of products suitable for your kitchen.

Vie-Naturals: The Vie-Journey carried on when we saw beautiful products that were so useful in our daily lives. These were better choices for our well being eliminating the plastic and waste as much as we can. Vie -Naturals bring a range of ethically sourced and sustainable accessories that are incredibly feasible at affordable prices.

The Vie Range strives to bring you unique products that make your day.