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ERiiS AfterSun

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ERiis Aftersun Soothing & Refreshing Specially formulated to soothe the skin after sun exposure, reducing redness and leaving it feeling cool and hydrated. Benefits of Active Ingredients: Fruit Mix Complex A real fruit juice for the skin with raspberry, peach, kiwi, papaya,cucumber and strawberry extracts. it absorbs quickly into the skin, creating a hydrating barrier to restore moisture levels and stimulate the regeneration of skin cells after tanning. Calendula Officinalis Extract With cooling , soothing and nourishing properties it reduces the burning sensation of the skin after sun exposure. Shea Butter With natural emollient and anti-ageing properties to leave skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated.

  • Anti-oxidant efficacy
  • Extra gentle formulation, Rapidly absorbed
  • Oil Free,Parabens Free,Allergens Free
  • Dematologically Tested, Nickel Tested
  • Suitable for all skin types