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7oz Compostable Cold Cup
7oz Compostable Cold Cup
7oz Compostable Cold Cup
7oz Compostable Cold Cup

7oz Compostable Cold Cup

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  • GREAT QUALITY - These ecofriendly cups are made from great quality materials that help take plastic out of the pollution stream.
  • COMPOSTABLE AND BIODEGRADABLE CUPS - Our compostable and biodegradable cups help cut down on plastic pollution.
  • 50 PK BULK ECO-FRIENDLY CUPS GREAT FOR EVENTS & PARTIES - A great way to celebrate and be environmentally conscious.
  • FOR COLD DRINKS AND SMOOTHIES - Great for all your cold drink needs.
  • BPA FREE AND PETROLEUM FREE - These cups are safe, kids friendly and great for your healthy beverage.

       50 pack of 7oz cups, biodegradable and good for our planet. They are made to be gentle to our environment and break down in a matter of months, not hundreds of years like the traditional petroleum plastic cup. Generates significantly less CO2 than the traditional plastic. 100% responsible, green chain compostable cups are durable and well made.


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